Catalyzing the growth of the Kenya tech community

From Startup to Leader

By Mercy Deche
  Published 12 Aug 2012
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How do we equip startups in Kenya to become the mega-business leaders of the future? We know that there is plenty of skill in design and development within the tech community - the bread and butter of our local tech scene; but what about building entrepreneurs’ business skills? Skills like leadership, strategic planning, people management, financial management, marketing, project management and long-term thinking are still scarce in the community.

iHub Consulting exists to fill this business skills gap. We are currently creating a business training and mentorship program for startups and individuals in the space. What are your needs at the moment? How would you like to contribute? As a participant or mentor/facilitator? Let us know, it’d be great to hear your input.

PS: Applications are open for those who would like to join iHub Consulting’s pool of techies.

Check it out at:

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