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Top 50 List For Pivot 2012

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 12 Apr 2012
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Top 50 List For Pivot 2012

Crossposted from the Pivot East Blog

After a gruelling post Easter selection process,the list of the semifinalists for this year’s edition of Pivot East is finally unveiled.The selections were as exciting as they were diverse.The next  stage of the competition will see the stakes raised as the creme de la creme of the categories  will be identified.

The semifinalists of Pivot East 2012 listed by category are as follows:

Financial Services Category

  • Chamapro
  • Changamka
  • Future Magnets
  • Kwachu Tiko
  • mCollector
  • MobiKash
  • mPermit
  • M-Tafiti
  • Pay4Us
  • QuickElec
Business and Resource Management Category
  • Art Pakacha
  • Dairy Sacco App
  • Easy Order
  • Get-it! app
  • MyBusiness App
  • SMS Based Health Insurance Members Verification
  • SMS Offline and Online virtual Market place
  • Wakili
Entertainment Category
  • Andromaid
  • AngryKenyans
  • KenyanEnt
  • Ma3racer
  • Mag Preview
  • Magaziine
  • Mingle
  • Run For Afrika
  • Tough Jungle
Mobile Society Category
  • eLimu
  • FarmPal
  • Gorecycler
  • GreenhousePro
  • mpoultry
  • MPrep
  • Mtu wa Job
  • StorySpaces
Utilities category
  • 6ix degrees
  • Crowdpesa
  • I travel
  • Mafuta Go
  • Mare-Mare
  • Migwa
  • mTracker
  • m-verified
  • Smart Drive 360
  • Tell-a-Friend
The choice of semi – finalists from the list of 206 applicants that met the threshold  for selection is the first stage of a two tier process for the final 25.The announcement of the finalists will be made within the fortnight.

Congratulations to the innovation community for the eager participation.To the semi-finalists Hongera! and Good luck!!


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