DESIGN + SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Process and Possibilities

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 05 Feb 2012
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DESIGN + SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Process and Possibilities
DESIGN + SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Process and Possibilities Saturday, Feb 11th 2012 9am - Noon iHub Open to thinkers, students, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs; Social Innovators who are working on projects that effect the tech/ creative community in Africa. African Digital Art are pleased to announce their first event of the year. We are working in collaboration with Design for Social Innovation to present to you this absolutely essential workshop for any designer, technologist, innovator, mover and shaker. Our special guest Cheryl Heller, Chair ofMFA Design for Social Innovation program and Board Chair ofPop Tech will be running a workshop that will transform how you think about your agency, business, or project.


While money, technology and innovation are often considered more glamorous and therefore more important, communication is the single most critical factor in the success of any endeavor. Communication design transforms an idea into a vision, defines how it’s different, explains why it will work, and engages people in helping make it a reality. It’s what keeps your vision alive, whether you are in the room explaining it to someone, or they are thinking about it in places far from where you’ve ever been or will ever go. In this interactive workshop, we will experience the fundamentals of communication design, applied to the initiatives of participants. Come find out about the essential principles of communication design that you can’t succeed without. If social innovation is our relationship with purpose, design is the means and the method to make that purpose manifest.

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