Richard Von Kaufmann talk at the iHub

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 06 Jan 2012
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Richard Von Kaufmann talk at the iHub
On the 10th of January 2012, Richard von Kaufmann, the co-founder of Finland's leading social media agency Zipipop, and Creative Director and Chairman at Reality Creating Media (RCM) will be giving a talk at iHub Nairobi from 6pm to 7pm about a candidate matching service called Shadow Election that RCM hopes to bring to Kenya in time for this year's elections. He will also introduce the work they have been doing at Zipipop, and would be happy to answer questions about the Finnish startup scene in general. In Finland, web-based candidate matching services (or election machines) are now part and parcel of the nation's democratic life. They have become so popular that the major parties insist their candidates take part in them. These services have become a vital part of the electorates decision-making process, and have significantly expanded the opportunity for political dialogue. His presentation will explain how the current election machines work and why we decided to take a radically different approach with Shadow Election – a tool that also helps make sense of collective opinions. At Zipipop, They believe the time has come to give people a stronger and more equal voice in the ongoing collaborative struggle between the public and those with the power to implement solutions. Vigorous deliberation lies at the heart of all successful democracies and we hope Shadow Election will add a powerful new space for constructive debate. The first version of Shadow Election was trialled in the Finnish 2011 Parliamentary Elections. They are currently busy getting it ready for the Finnish Presidential Elections starting on 22 January 2012. To attend this talk register here..
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