Dragon’s Den

By Leo Mutuku
  Published 22 Sep 2011
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 Dragon’s Den
A special edition of a UK reality show, Dragon’s Den, is set to be filmed in Nairobi, Kenya soon by Comic Relief . It is billed as the UK version of the ABC show, Shark Tank.Comic Relief is giving a chance to local entrepreneurs who are seeking investments for their business ideas or inventions countrywide to realize their business ambitions. The concept of Dragons’ Den is that five multimillionaire investors, also known as the ‘dragons’, with a combined net worth of almost a billion pounds will come to Nairobi in November to hear pitches from local entrepreneurs for any kind of business with the aim of investing in the best. The investors are looking for entrepreneurs whose proposals demonstrate a unique selling point, scalability, clear route to market and a planned exit strategy. Further, they should be able to explain how their proposal has what it takes to be a success and will make a difference to the local community. The entrepreneurs stand a chance to secure an investment of about $50,000-$250,000 for their business idea, in exchange for selling a share of their company to the ‘Dragon’ investing in them. The catch is that, the entrepreneurs must get AT LEAST the amount they are asking for or walk away with nothing. The Den beckons- this is an opportunity to make your business dream a reality. For further information, visitDragons’ Den or watch Dragon’s Den on ">You-Tube. You can also email: DragonsDenNairobi@bbc.co.uk at Comic Relief.
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