Ushahidi Nairobi v3 Meetup

By Scott Henry
  Published 14 May 2014
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Ushahidi Nairobi v3 Meetup

Guest Post By:Angela Oduor

Join us for a few hours of hacking and brainstorming on what we're building/should be building into the newest version of Ushahidi, v3. The event will be onTuesday, May 20th 2014 from 5:30PM to 8:00PM at iHub-4th Floor in the Bishop Magua Centre.

v3 demo link



Ushahidi is built on the Kohana Framework. Those unfamiliar with MVC frameworks should have a look at the following documentation prior to the meet up:

Kohana 3 documentation

Kohana 2 documentationandKohana 101 doc

We'll take up a chunk of time walking through setting up Ushahidi v3 and explaining its architecture, but it would be great if you could take a stab at trying to install it before the meetup ;)

Installation instructions can be found on ourgithub repositoryREADME

Incase of any queries/ if you have trouble installing, feel free reach out on IRCirc://

More documentation on v3 can be found on ourwiki.

Here are a couple of features we'd like to work on with you:

• Migrations: How do we migrate data from ushahidi v2.x into v3?

• Custom forms: We have this built into the API but need to make these a lot more flexible



Two important features we want to build into v3 areworkflowsandbettervisualizations. Help us frame out:

• What an ideal workflow for en election monitoring use case would look like

• What kind of visualisations we should add into the platform

• What analytics we should add into the platform

Refreshments will be provided.

NB: This is a physical event in Nairobi. We will do our best to make it available for people to join via a Google Hangout, but this is pending. We promise to try record it/have our virtual friends join in ;)

Hope you can join us! Bring a friend too! ;)

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