Peer Review: AgriHack conference and Hackathon

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 17 Sep 2013
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In reference to the AgriHack conference and Hackthon(more details here)
iHub is not able to apply as a competing hub, due to our association with mLab which is organizing the events.
We will, however be travelling with one team of 2 whose project is selected to be the best, and falls within the guidelines.
To this end, we shall be having a peer review session at the mlab boardroom on Tuesday, 24th September from 2pm - 4pm.
We invite you to come make your (20 min) pitch.
The presentations (of projects that fit the criteria) also have an opportunity to be published on theThe Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) blog.
For this, send your articulate write-up (with pictures where available) to
Please pass this information to anyone who you know would be interested.
Register here for a chance to pitch (20 places available)
Thank you.
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